Melody Ellison

Due to popular demand ( I say popular but it really means just you Kaylyn) I will now write about Melody. She is a girl from the 1960’s during racial segregation. Melody is supposed to sing a solo in a big church event, but a tragic accident makes her lose her voice. To find out more check out this preview of the book or try your hand at a Melody game! TTFN! -Payton 🙂


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Girl of the Year 2012: McKenna Brooks

McKenna Brooks

McKenna lives in Seattle, Washington with her Mom, Dad, sisters, dog Cooper, and hamster named Polka Dot. She wants to be on the competitive team at Shooting Star Gymnastics. Her biggest dream is to over come challenges. When McKenna tries to do something to hard for her, she breaks her ankle. She also struggles with reading in school, but with the help of a tutor named Josie, she can overcome her struggle. I won’t tell you the end so you can read the books or watch the movie. TTYL 🙂

Girl of the Year 2009: Chrissa Maxwell

(thanks to KaylynsWorldBlog)

Chrissa Maxwell is a nine-year old from Edgewater, Minnesota. She lives with her ; mom, dad, nana, and her brother Tyler. Her biggest dream is to stand strong against bullies. Chrissa’s main hobby is to swim in a swim team. She also enjoys to sew and take care of the llamas. During her stories, Chrissa meets two unlikely friends: Gwen, a girl who is being bullied and Sonali, a previous mean girl who befriends Chrissa and Gwen.

There is also a movie that you can usually find at libraries near you. TTYL! 🙂